Best price for Generic Kamagra

Best price for Generic Kamagra

Looking for a good price for Generic Kamagra? You are so right as prices for medicines are always high and with generic drugs you can save money on your health costs. Kamagra Brand is of course already cheaper than Viagra Brand, however with generic Kamagra you can go even lower.

Many people prefer Kamagra over Viagra, because of the quality and because it works quicker. Also the innovation of Kamagra Oral Jelly is amazing and the fasted working erectile dysfunction medication on the market.

Generic Kamagra

Generic Kamagra is made by Ajanta Pharma in India and an iconic export product from the country.

Kamagra Brand

Prices for the brand version of Kamagra are around 6-7 USD per tablet. Prices for the generic Kamagra are 2.7 USD per tablet at an online drugstore we use ourselves for years called “Pharmacy XL“. No matter if you live in Canada, Australia, United States, Europe… they have fast free shipping to all those countries.

So what do you prefer? Paying too much for the brand version, while there is no difference and it contains the same active ingredient “Sildenafil” ? You would be nuts to overpay for the brand version and we advise all our friends and family never to do that. The final decision we leave it up to you!

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