What is Kamagra exactly?

What is Kamagra exactly?

Kamagra is a pill and oral jelly for the treatment of male impotence / erectile dysfunction. It is similar as Viagra based out of Sildenafil Citrate, or in short “Sildenafil“.

Kamagra was first introduced on the market by Ajanta Pharma and currently is available in a more affordable generic version of Kamagra named “Generic Kamagra”.

There is no difference between the brand version of Kamagra and the generic version, except the price!

Kamagra is as mentioned part of the Sildenafil pills to treat ED (“Erectile Dysfunction”) and since today kamagra and viagra are the most popular sildenafil tablets on the market. Where Viagra is more popular in the pill format (Viagra Pills) , Kamagra is more popular in the oral jelly format (“Kamagra Jelly” or “Kamagra Oral Jelly“).

You can buy Kamagra via your local doctor, get a prescription and go to your local pharmacy / pharmacist. This is however an expensive option as you have to pay the outrageous prices! At this Generic Kamagra blog we however advise you to Buy Kamagra Online at a reliable online pharmacy specialized in sexual health drugs.

Kamagra from India

Kamagra from India

Kamagra originally comes from India and is produced by Ajanta Pharma. However should you buy Kamagra from India or from a Canada Pharmacy? We are here to answer this important and frequently asked question!

Kamagra India

Kamagra origin is from India, by Ajanta Pharma, however if you order kamagra from India, then you are not sure about the quality as India has a dubious reputation. On top of that, shipping is not trustful and can take ages and mostly Indian pharmacies use cheap counterfeit pills. Solution?! buy your Kamagra from an online Canadian pharmacy / Canada pharmacy.

Kamagra Canada

While Kamagra from India is not so trustful, the Kamagra Pills and Kamagra Jelly from Canada is trustful, has quick shipping and price similar to that from India! So this looks like the best deal! If you then also use the online pharmacy which we recommend, you have no risk and get the best quality Kamagra for the best price!


You are much smarter buying Kamagra from Canada from a trusted Canadian Pharmacy like for example: Pharmacy XL. By this you know you get the best quality Kamagra for a cheap price and with reliable fast free shipping to your home!

Viagra vs Kamagra

Viagra vs Kamagra

Are you not sure of you want Viagra or Kamagra? Here we discuss which erection pills “Viagra vs Kamagra” we think is best after extensive testing!

Let’s first talk about “Viagra”

Viagra was the first erection pill ever , introduced by Pfizer and available in brand version ( very expensive ) but also a cheaper Generic Viagra. This pill is till today still the most popular ED pill and also the cheapest! Based on this we think Viagra is the absolutely #1 … Why to buy Generic Kamagra for 1.20 USD for example, while you can use Generic Viagra for 0.80 USD per pill.

Let’s now discuss “Kamagra”

Viagra was the 2nd sildenafil citrate pill AFTER Pfizer introduced Viagra. Mainly known for the famous “Kamagra Oral Jelly” as the first ed treatment available in “jelly format”. Nowadays however Viagra is also available in jelly format – Viagra Oral Jelly. We think Viagra is superior over Kamagra, however if you want to use a jelly format, we suggest you go for Kamagra Oral Jelly.


Basically there is not much difference between Viagra vs Kamagra, however if you want the pill format, Generic Viagra (VIAGRA) is cheaper and with similar effects preferred over Generic Kamagra (KAMAGRA). If you however want to use Kamagra Oral Jelly, we think this version if preferred over Viagra Oral Jelly. So buy Kamagra Oral Jelly online …